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Privacy & Solicitation Policy

AFC does not share our members' email addresses with third parties without their consent.

Non-Solicitation – Mass solicitation during events is prohibited unless authorized in advance by the board.

Facebook Posting Policy

General members may share the following types of non-AFC events or postings with the group: low or no cost parenting workshops or groups, local community events, kids classes or groups that they enjoyed/recommend, school-related gatherings, non-profit events, jobs offered or childcare offerings (with no monetary benefit to poster), children's camps, relevant festivals or performances, etc. in addition to general parenting questions, discussions, etc. We do not permit posts about other people, services, good or businesses beyond the context of personal recommendations.

Members who own businesses and would like to promote their services to members via AFC social media and/or our website can contact us to learn more about our sponsorship and promotional partnership programs for local businesses. Please refrain from posting about your own business in the form of advertising goods/services without consulting the board in advance.

Events Posting Policy

We will promote events with pre-approval using our Meetup function. An event must be free or low cost in order to be posted on Meetup. Please be transparent about who is hosting and profiting from any event that requires payment.

AFC does not accept the following types of events or announcements:
• Announcements for adults that are not specifically for parents.
• Events for parents that are not related to parenting such as multi-level marketing parties.
• Any event that is not open to all members or members of the public (for example, events requiring membership to another organization).

Photographs and Content

Members can feel free to take photographs for personal use at our events. Images shared on the AFC Facebook page and other social media outlets or website by members may be used for future promotions or advertising. Consent is implicit in membership but requests for exclusion are always considered. If there is a reason you or your child cannot appear in photos related to AFC events, please contact us to ensure your exclusion. Photos will only be used for their intended purpose, never for profit or monetary gain.

By joining AFC, you imply consent to these policies!  Thank you!